Enterprise Financial & Operational Modelling

Business Need

Qerent directly links operational drivers to financial outcomes enabling the objective and scientific establishment of a compelling improvement agenda.


Object-orientated modelling allowing for the rapid deployment of high fidelity models representing real world business structures and dynamics.


    • Drag and drop modelling,

    • Multi-dimensionality,

    • Model building with templates,

    • Universal and Dynamic formulae,

    • Highly flexible data integration,

    • Custom visualisation,

    • Hierarchies,

    • Compatibility with Microsoft Excel

    Contextual Analytics

    Business Need

    The ability to derive business actions through a clear understanding of exactly What happened and Why. Cause and effect are quantified to determine their true impact on the bottom line.


    Purposefully developed built-in tools available on the fly to remove all the mathematical and statistical complexity, allowing you to focus on what it means within a business context.


      • Value Driver Trees,

      • Attribution analysis,

      • Sensitivity analysis

      • Waterfall charts

      Scenario Planning

      Business Need

      ‘What-if” capabilities allow business users to evaluate potential outcomes given a set of diverse inputs, ideal for forecasting, budgeting and strategic planning.


      A toolset designed specifically to create multiple instances of model inputs and outputs with the ability to override and track changes.


        • Data sets,

        • Monte Carlo,

        • Time series and scheduling,

        • Goal-seek toolsets

        Examples of applications