For over a decade, Qerent Modeller has been the financial and operational modelling platform of choice across a spectrum of global industries (mining, manufacturing, telecoms, retail, media and financial services). From executives to analysts, Qerent provides the ideal balance between analytics and operational context designed to answer critical business questions and provide actionable insights.


What makes it different? Qerent relates data within an underlying mathematical model and uses Contextual Analytics to expose the true dynamics between managerial influence and business outputs. It therefore, enables companies to move from traditional descriptive and predictive analytics to true diagnostic and prescriptive analytics in a seamless manner. Managers no longer need to slice and dice data to better understand what to do – the solution gives them the context of what drivers and decisions will make the biggest difference and guides the best choices for the business going forward.


Qerent – peace of mind in knowing what is happening, why and that you will be making the best decisions for your business going forward.

What is happening in your business

Why is it happening

What can be done about it

Qerent Modeller

Understand Objectively. Decide with Clarity. Act with Confidence


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